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Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm Meme-ing of a White Christmas

The lovely and gracious Karen hath issued much taggage unto me, and thus I must respond.

This is the 8 random things meme.

Since my life is all about the randomness thing, the hard part is to limit myself to a mere 8 things, but one tries.

1- I have never bought -- and I do not ever anticipate ever buying -- a car with an automatic transmission. Like dating a smoker or an atheist, this is a fuse-blowing dealbreaker. I don't care how good the car, or how good the deal...if it lacks a clutch pedal, consider me among the absent.

2- I refuse to reside anywhere that has:

a) A state income tax (every April 15th, the Federal income tax always has me gazing longingly at the more obscure Caribbean islands).
b) No coastline. If seafood is flown in, it's not fresh.
c) The slightest, tiniest, hint or checmical traces of winter.
d) Cretinous laws related to the consumption of ardent spirits or automotive emissions.

The ideal place for me, then, is some tropical tax haven island with a Libertarian regime and an autobahn connecting all the fishing docks, wineries, breweries and distilleries.

3- I do not drink -- ick! -- regular coffee. If it's not espresso, it's simply too bloody watery to be allowed.

4- I can taste the difference between all colas known to mankind. Incidentally, the ne plus ultra of colas is Coke's Kosher-for-Passover Coke, sweetened with REAL CANE SUGAR and not the cheap-o HFCS, which is Satan's sweetener.

5- I can go 48 hours without sleep. I really, really try not to, but in college I was able to do this easily and without stimulants. These days, having reached man's estate, there is no call for that, but the odd 24 hours of sleeplessness is sometimes necessary.

6- I can correctly fake almost any accent in English except Australian.

7- I haven't let my wife cook in almost 15 years of marriage. When I am off on a business trip, our ten-year-old cooks.

8- My favorite bit of Christmas entertainment, BAR NONE, is the Charlie Brown Christmas special.



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