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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Here's an idea. UPDATED 1/8/08!

All this GC35 stuff has gripped us all in what can only be called GC-mania. Our "on-the-ground" Jesuit pals have enjoined us to pray for GC35 and their sense of urgency on the matter is very telling.

In meditating on this, I thought nothing could possibly be more appropriate for us (and our faithful myrmidons) than praying a novena, and I nominate The Sacred Heart.

Here it is:

Hail, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, living and animating source of eternal life, infinite treasure of the Divinity, burning furnace of divine love. Our amiable Savior, consume our hearts with that burning love with which Yours is ever inflamed. Pour down on our souls those graces which flow from Your love, and let our hearts be so united with Yours, that our will may be one, and in all things conformed to Yours. May Yours be the standard and rule of our desires and of our actions.

V. O sweetest Heart of Jesus, we implore,

R. that we may ever love You more and more.

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UPDATE! Since I posted this on Sunday the 6th, I have also found Fr. Hardon's meditations on the Sacred Heart. (Talk about having an epiphany...)