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Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Measure twice, cut once."

...yes, dear Internet, I could quote Scripture* all day.

As you are doubtlessly aware from the incessant ESPN coverage, the Society of Jesus has begun its 35th General Congregation. This should interest you, and definitely does me, because God has a special mission -- in a "should you choose to accept it" sort of way -- for the SoJ. Being the product of magnificently Ignatian pedagogy, I have begun to delve into what is likely to be said and done and debated at the GC35 (which sounds like a new convertible from Infiniti, I know).

The hard part has been to not rush to the keyboard, indices flying, to rattle off some knee-jerk reaction. Part of that added Ignatianness for which my parents ponied up good tuition money requires that I look carefully at things and try to explain them in the most charitable manner possible.

It is, quite specifically, in THAT vein that I am observing a measured silence. There is much in what I have read so far about/from/regarding GC35 that , er, concerns me. (Charitable enough?) Being quite fortunate to have plenty of Jesuit pals and lurkers here -- but not quite yet fortunate enough to have gotten all of them to see things my way in all matters at all times -- I choose to tread carefully and not let the lesser angels of my nature go mental. The goal here, natch, is to emit light and not heat. Although sometimes heat is a necessary result, it's never the intended thing.

So, until then, please pray the delegates at GC35 focus on bringing Christ, sacramentally, to as much of this benighted world.


* That was a joke, people. Lighten up.


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