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Sunday, January 13, 2008

"THAT. That's what we're talking about." Pt. 12

Our old pal, Fr. John Dear, SJ has been at it again, granting us yet another opportunity to exercise charity and to pray for those with whom we disagree.

Father writes much to give pause (including a lamentable characterization of an article featuring a brother Jesuit serving as an Army chaplain), but here is the part which ought remind any attentive reader of The Homily:
NCR asked me to reflect on this Jesuit gathering, but I have such mixed feelings about the Jesuits (not to mention the church), that I can only beg prayers for my order.
[emphasis mine]

This is, I boldly state, precisely what Cdl. Rode' meant when he called for Jesuits to sentire cum Ecclesia. Father, in this piece, does not actually state why, specifically, he bothers belonging (in a ministerial capacity) to a Church about which he has, expressly, so many misgivings.

Pray for Father, and the rest of the Society.