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Friday, February 15, 2008

Because I care and want to help.

As you have read throughout this blog and others of a similar cut to their jib, there have been some times where, lamentably, Jesuit universities and colleges have decided to fund* and produce such fare as the Vagina Monologues or host such profane and mysogynist recording stars which promote generally dysfunctional and specifically anti-Catholic values as Ludacris.

There are some people who have greeted these news, especially in the case of the all-pervasive -- no, really, you can't get away from them -- Vagina Monologues, with no small measure of dismay. Indeed, we are confident to say those who have greeted these news with dismay have afforded the presidents of these Jesuit universities and colleges great opportunities to offer up the pain of a headache for the release of souls in Purgatory. To say nothing of adding to the coffers of pharmaceutical companies which manufacture analgesics which, by now, must be achoke with cash.

However, it strikes me that in continually making decisions which upset a great many of their donor base (parents and alumni, say) they are making things difficult for themselves. Each fresh announcement (the Transgender Blasphemy Parade, the Gangsta Rap Divine Office, the Dissident Plaster Casters Symposium, the Serial Rapist Papier Mache Figurine Exhibition** or whatever) brings a fresh wave of derision, in turn bringing a fresh wave of headache for the administration.

So, being the Jesuit-educated MBA-type I am, I put my considerable gifts for strategic thinking to work. Why not, thought I, consolidate all of these controversies? This means only one volley of complaints is to be fielded and explained with only one uncomfortably pained rhetorical jeteé and voilá!, the antagonists are but a spent force.

Bloody clever, thought I. And so, to aid our friends who afford college students such options, I suggest:


AMDG, of course.


* Nobody is griping about studying them or reading them or acting them out within the context of a classroom discussion. We're talking about subsidizing their production and promoting same.

** Relax, I made those up.


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