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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bleak House

Much has been made about the "dark" nature of the films nominated for this year's Oscars. Now, for the record, I don't have a problem with dark films. Several are among my all-time favorites. What I do mind is the relentlessly bleak nature of this year-in-film.

Partly it is a matter of disposition. I'm not a particularly bleak person. I'm not, in contrast to the lovely and gracious Karen, someone who is "recreationally morbid." I may be cynical, and I am obnoxious and (ahem) acerbic. Where some see awful things and they rant, I see awful things and I ridicule. (Less so when I am en blogge, when I can review and polish and excise to assuage the better angels of my nature than in person, when my native worldview bursts forth unfiltered.)

To me, all that bleakness and darkness sort of runs together and bleeds into one brown-purple smudge in my mind's eye.

That's not to say I like Pollyanna or sentimentalism or sanitized "uplifting" or "heartwarming" stuff. I like things that show, yes, some darkness...but leavened with wisdom and goodness. And funny.

It's gotta make with the funny.



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