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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fr. Z. nails it. Again.

Over at his most excellent blog, Fr. Z., in making a comment on the "fair-minded nearly ubiquitous former Rome correspondent for the ultra-lefty [ain't that the truth] NCR" John Allen's weekly blurb, clearly identifies a potent motivation for the general movements fostered by the Holy Father.

Here is the bit where Father does what the Romans used to refer to as rem acu tetigisti*:
If Catholics do not recover and strengthen a clear Catholic identity, one that is coherent in teaching and practice and in continuity with our past, then we cannot make the contribution the Lord commands her to give to the world. In the ever secularizing, relativizing world, solid clear Catholics are being marginalized, while the squishy amorphous sort are being allowed to stick around as tokens in public discourse. We need renewal of our identity so that we can understand well who we are and live our lives in keeping with that identity (this is the ad intra dimension). Only in this way can we have something vital and effective to contribute to the world at large (this is the ad extra dimension).

To paraphrase this in more common parlance: "How can you be true to yourself if you don't know who you are?"

Go read the rest here.



* Literally, "you have touched upon the matter with a needle" or what we'd call "you hit the nail on the head."


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