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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What I did for my Lenten vacation.

Sometimes -- usually, really -- we choose what we give up or sacrifice for Lent. We mull it over, we pray over it and we make a decision.

No chocolate, no profanity, no dessert...whatever. Some form of sacrifice, self-denial, etc. This steels our nature, makes us more keenly aware of those who must do without a lot more and a lot longer.

So that's good.

But sometimes, God has another plan and He socks you with something you wouldn't have ever dreamed of. As opposed to the off-the-rack sacrifices like chocolate or hair gel, God's have a certain bespoke elegance thereto. They really, really fit.

In my case this has been to patiently and charitably correct and admonish. God (literally!) knows how difficult it is for me not to blurt out something like: "GAH! You are such an IMBECILE!" When I hear the notion advanced that [insert mandatory issue here] should be viewed prudentially, or vice versa.

Part of the notion of charity is not to call someone a sniveling cretin even if he is the apex of cretinousness and the quintessence of sniveling. Sniveling cretins are children of no lesser a God. It's also harder, because now I must work on correcting his error and he may be someone with "a limited capacity for understanding."

Me being me, I have to get the last word in, and I have to get my point across, come what may. Which leads to introspection.

Am I defending Christ and His Church that everyone may applaud me for being awesome at it? Or am I really trying, in all earnestness and good faith to make someone see light? Do I react to failures of same with equanimity and renewed purpose, or do I sulk at someone's "idiocy?" Has Satan taken my momentum for Christ and jiu-jitsu'ed me? (Again?)

How many souls am I springing out of Purgatory every time I silently offer up my unheard scream of "ARGH! HOW are you not getting this?"

God knows why He has placed the (seemingly) invincibly ignorant in my path.