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Monday, April 21, 2008

Deja vu, all over again. UPDATED!

UPDATE: From the "Great Minds Think Alike" Dept., there is this OTR entry.

You may, if you're as sentient as I hope, remember my comments on this entry at America Magazine's blog.

The same contributor has another entry up there and, in a way, it explains why the situation she described previously is is in danger of happening. The root cause, I believe is an abysmal catechesis.

The main point of her blog entry is to complain with the all-male priesthood. The reasons why we have an all-male priesthood* and why the Church has no authority to change this are well-known. It takes, in Fr. Paul Shaughnessy's happy phrase, a sort of "willed ignorance" to disagree.

Interestingly, the complaint about the all-male priesthood is couched in the latest trope of many the self-styled Catholic elite: "The Pope's not nearly as appalling as we feared." (Sure, they assuage each other by making public that they still have some notable disagreements with the Holy Father.)

The day I grew the most in my faith is the day I realized that what I thought was of no import, and that disagreeing with Church doctrine was as useful as disagreeing with gravity and that assuming my opinions -- and not the Church's teaching -- simply had** to be God's. It does not flatter the writer to hold such views.

If it's any consolation, those of us on the side of settled Church doctrine being, uh, settled also have our grievances.



* The best of the brief and the briefest of the best explanation why this is so, IMCO, was penned by Ryan Duns, SJ here.

** The question naturally springs: by what authority does someone come by this opinion?


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