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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesuit prayer

Fr_william_doyle Here is another little something from the spectacular Fr. Willie Doyle, SJ*:

Passion of Christ, comfort me!

Comfort me for the day is long and weary; comfort me as I fight my way up the path of life, safe to the Heaven of Thy Sacred Heart; comfort me in sorrows, in pain, in sickness.

Comfort me, when temptation rages 'round me, and every hope seems lost.

And when that last dread hour has sounded and my eyes are closing on this world of sin.

O Passion of Christ!

Comfort me then, and lead me gently to Thy wounded Sacred Feet above.


--Rev. W. Doyle. S.J.



P.S. Can anyone tell me WHY Fr. Willie's cause has been allowed to lapse? I mean, besides the fact "the other side has spiritual help, too."

* Oh, don't you worry...there'll be a lot more of him in upcoming posts.