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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Milestones of progress

There's something I have just now realized and, like pretty much EVERYTHING I "just now realized" it embarrasses me that it took as long as it did to realize whatever it was.

In this case I mean that I've just now realized that every single solitary instance of spiritual progress I have ever made has been hallmarked by a keen sense of humility. I have been very blessed with gifts, in terms of opportunity, intelligence, etc. and as a consequence I tend to default towards an unseemly sort of smugness. Which is, I know, Very Bad.

This all dawned on me when I was asking people to keep me in their prayers for a big deal thing going on at work. To ask for intercession is an act of humility. It says "My prayers alone might not be enough, and I just might need other people ferrying this intention along with me to God." at its core, humility is nothing more than saying "No matter how manifold and brilliant my gifts, I cannot do this by myself, and I need help."

The greatest quarterback ever would be a crimson puddle on the turf if he didn't have an offensive line to afford him the opportunity to use his gifts. The greatest race car driver would not get so far if he had no mechanics. And so it goes.

That's one of those "kernel" realizations I just had. Which I should have had epochs ago.

It is humbling just to mention it.