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Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Film Flashback...

Those of you who descend upon this blog -- you know who you are -- have heard me write in generally positive terms about First Things. Sometimes the things I like about same are the sorts of things which might test the blood pressure of others but, still, there you are.

As proof of the manifest goodness that is FT and their historical rightness on this issue, I bring you this recent entry from their blog where the virtues of Whit Stillman and, in particular, his debut film Metropolitan are expounded. Being a preppy, the film carries an extra "something" of resonance for me, but even if someone's background is as far away from prepdom as can be managed, the film will still delight with its incessant wit and sparkling dialogue.


Golly, does this make me happy...


P.S. To prove (yet again, as if any more proof were needed) the complete and utter worthlessness of the OscarsTM, this film lost in the Best Original Screenplay to...get this...Ghost.


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