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Saturday, October 25, 2008 which Fr. Corapi joins forces with me.

Well, OK. Maybe that's stretching it and putting it the other way 'round. Still.

Fr. Corapi has suggested praying a Novena to Our Lady of Victory/Our Lady of the Rosary for this election starting Oct. 27 and running through Nov. 4...a stellar notion.

Here is Father's treatise on the matter. I will certainly join in and I beg all of you to do so as well with now, as the Mad Hatter and the Anchoress suggest, being the time to add some fasting to the praying. Someone on the news was commenting on how this election, which could well prove a tragically Sysyphean moment for the forces of the culture of life, could be "Gore-Bush close" and this is no time to slack off. The other side may outspend us, but it would be a catastrophic disgrace if were outprayed*.

So let's get to it.



* Dunno about you people, but I have enough imbecilities on my part to answer for at my particular judgment as it is; I surely don't want to add anything like this to the pile of idiocies for which I must account.


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