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Friday, October 24, 2008

More on the redoubtable Fr. Willie Doyle, SJ

One more snippet from the seriously excellent Fr. Willie Doyle, SJ.

I have always said (and will say until I am blue in the face) the hallmark of a for-real Jesuit is a rabid zeal for getting as many souls to Heaven as he can manage. In this regard, Fr. Doyle was spectacular.

As we know, Father gained his reputation serving in the Hell that was the trench warfare of World War One, seeing soldier after soldier slaughtered in the most brutal and senseless -- and that's saying something -- of all wars.

If the following doesn't tug at your heart, follow the yellow brick road to Oz and see the wizard, because you don't have one:

"The [Last] Rites of the Church were quickly administered, though it was hard to find a sound spot on that poor smashed face for the Holy Oils, and my hands were covered with his blood. The moaning stopped. I pressed the crucifix to his lips and he murmured after me: 'My Jesus, mercy,' and then, as I gave him the Last Blessing, his head fell back and the loving arms of Jesus were pressing to His Sacred Heart the soul of another of His friends."



P.S. If you can't find a hard copy of Father's biography (or just want something cut-and-pasteable) click here for the full text.


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