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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My multi-step plan for surviving what lies ahead (Karen, this is for you.)

So, perhaps, in these trying times -- and they may get trying-er -- a palliative might suit the national mood. In honor of the lovely and gracious Karen, I hereby proffer my version of the frozen margarita.
We start with a couple of limes (one per person), Cointreau and white Tequila. (If this were a straight-up margarita, I'd use a 100% blue agave Tequila -- I like PatrĂ³n Silver -- but we're not doing that this go-around.)
Key to a proper frozen drink is getting the ice shaved properly. The average blender can't get all of the ice shaved down, so it's best to handle that function separately, ahead of time. I picked up that Oster ice shaver for PEANUTS on eBay.
Cut the limes.
Juice said limes.
Put juice in the blender. (You may want to add a few tablespoons of superfine sugar if you like your margaritas not as dry, or as much as a 1/8 of c up per person if you really like 'em on the sweet side.)
One ounce of Cointreau, one jigger of Tequila per person (Seriously, any Tequila more posh than this would be wasted, as the subtle nuances would get lost amid all that ice and coldness.)
Shave the ice.
Put all in the blender. Blend (2 second pulse-another 2 second pulse-run at max. speed for 10 seconds-2 second pulse-2 second pulse).
After blending take out a margarita glass from the freezer.

Serve. You are now in good shape to brave the TV news, newspapers, and other aggravations.

Repeat as needed.