Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And so it begins anew.

We take today to prayerfully reflect on what has transpired. In a way, it is a rest. We rest from the labor and toil and struggle we have just undergone, exacerbated by the pain of not succeeding.

We can look back and dissect another day. Something we must do, incidentally, else we risk squandering our blessings and our advantage and the public trust again.

But all that can keep.
First, we must thank God for giving us this nation which is so worthy of fighting for. Then, we lick our wounds as it were.
In time, we will think of where we have failed in adhering to our principles, and renew our committment to them. We will ponder where we faltered in expressing our vision cogently and redouble our focus. We will consider where we placed our trust and strengthen our call to consistency and accountability.
But today? We pray and we rest, because this is nothing but a battle in a war that won't end in our lifetime or even our children's lifetimes.
So pray and rest up, for the journey is long.