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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shedding further light.

If you saw this, you may be interested in the following...

(This was translated by me, as I found it. The only thing I did "extra" was to put certain things in [brackets] for a more equivalent translation. That's it.)

Diario Rio Negro [Rio Negro Daily] Aug. 19/08


"I am the bishop, do you understand? If you want to pray, go inside. You are the ones picking a fight. Here in Neuquén this is not done. You are the ones responsible."

- Responsible for what?

- For picking a fight.

- We don't want to have a fight with anyone, we want to defend...

- What are you defending now, if there's nobody here?

- What do you mean there is nobody? We are defending the monument [i.e. the Cathedral].

- In Neuquén the monument is defended in other ways.

This was the level of tension of the dialogue on Sunday afternoon between Bishop Marcelo Melani and a group of Catholic youth which had assembled in front of the Cathedral to pray, waiting for a massive march of [feminists] expected to pass by.

The conversation, which was held [with raised voices], ended when the youth further raised their voice to pray an Our Father and drowned out the bishop, who opted to withdraw.

Just a few moments later the incidents began: some of the women who participated in the march seized the banner held by the youth, which was inscribed with the phrase "Neuquén chooses life." [The youth] did not stop praying.

Yesterday Melani tried to downplay the importance of these events. "One hopes an encounter would be just that, a place where ideas can be confronted, but with respect, in a [spirit of] democracy that is most complete, most total, with respect for the person who might manifest opposite ideas," he said on radio station LU5.

He added that "in general these massive encounters always have some possibility of disorder on the part of someone, there is always some little group drawing all the attention."

He recalled an instance "in front, [at the head of things] were all the media waiting for something to pass to record it; yesterday (Sunday) the same thing was happening in front of the Cathedral: people remained in front [of the Cathedral], waiting to see what might happen there, and the media did as well."

"There is no need to give [an exaggerated] importance to the actual event," said Melani. "What all have to seek is a capacity for coexistence, of mutual acceptance, even when we have ideological differences."