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Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving's preamble.


To get my mind off this #$%& election thing, I hereby begin my series on Thanksgiving -- my absolute fave holiday, in case you missed it -- by running down my tentative menu.

Be warned.

This is a foodie menu.

It's for foodies, by as inveterate a foodie as can be found.

There will be no tolerance for stuffing from boxes, broth from cans, condiments from cartons or vegetables from the freezer. If your idyllic, mind's-eye Thanksgiving calls for Tater-Tots®, cranberry jelly still holding the shape of the can in which you purchased it, or some indifferent, particleboard, factory-raised turkey riddled with hormones and phosphates...if that's what you prefer, then go on to the next blog.

You have been warned.

The Menu this year is:

1- "Endless carrot" soup
2- Watercress/bacon/Granny Smith salad
3- Herbed roast turkey
4- Whipped "heretical" Yukon Gold potatoes
5- For Real (i.e. roast turkey drippings-based) roast garlic gravy
6- Sausage & cornbread dressing/stuffing (I prefer it as dressing, you salmonella harlots do whatever you want)
7- Cranberry-orange chutney
8- Sauteed pearl onions with green beans
9- Pecan-maple (i.e. "Appomatox") pie
10- Pumpkin creme brulee

Yes. I cook from scratch. For 56 people. (I'm a frustrated chef. Karen, please feel free to add that to the list of things I should have been, instead of a Strategic Consulant who taunts his family history of hypertension. on the plus side, think of the fringe benefits of passing by the lunch room when I'm there, along with my margarita and espresso Mad Skillz.)

To drink: Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic and/or 2006 Ravenswood Winery "Old Vine Lodi" Zinfandel (red, not that unspeakably vile and saccharine pink stuff).

Everything, save for the turkey, can be made completely (or substantially) ahead, so there will also be little drama here. I might even dredge up pictures to show you how and what.

As you were.