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Friday, January 16, 2009

Please lend 'em a hand.

This is from Wendy Cukierski (from the VERY AWESOME Cukierski Family Apostolate). They have been great to me, and more importantly personally kind and prayerful. Please read, and give them some help.
For those of you who are still employed, I beg of you, if you can help and you wish to get the most Spiritual Food for your dollar, kindly consider helping us clear up 2008 apostolate bills.
(UPDATE: I know that folks probably think because we get so many visits, that we get lots of donations. The fact of the matter is that we get very, very, very few. In fact, we are lucky to get a couple a month! We have been supporting the bulk of the apostolate and the pro-life and evangelizing programs by ourselves for all these years. Like Mother Teresa said, to keep the lamp have to put oil in it. Our apostolate lamps are out of fuel.)
I would like to get this cleared up so we can be here for folks in 2009. To get a breakdown of the costs, go here:
Even though we are concerned about making it, we are stepping out in faith and still expanding the website with evangelization and educational video's and tools (wander around and see the changes). We are still mailing out the free sacramentals and running all the free programs at our expense (but we desperately need outside help!).
(UPDATE: I do not want 2009 to be the year that the apostolate ceased to exist! So many times over the past 13 years, I thought "this is it"..."we're going under"...and miraculously, some folks would come through. Hoping and praying for another "save"!)
Please, help us to put "earthly concerns" aside so that we can all get as excited as my 2 year old who exclaimed...."Baby Jesus is coming!"
(UPDATE: I will be sending the biggest helper a special gift. I have a St. Anthony of Padua relic that is very old and very cherished. I also have some other very special Catholic antique items for the biggest helpers. I'm willing to part with these for some help to keep the apostolate going. We simply can't do the bulk of it on our own anymore. I ask not for myself but for THOSE who NEED the apostolate's help!)
SO THERE IT IS...our update :). I'm still HOPEFUL! Not sure if that is my faith talking or perhaps my stupidity :-). LOL
My love and prayers to all of you...
Wendy C. and our 12 (soon to be 13) blessings from God
The Cukierski Family Apostolate
(PS...To raise funds, we are offering "Sponsored Pages". We are starting with one of our more popular pages-The St. Therese page: It contains everything St. Therese, including a video that is watched often!

There will be One MAIN sponsor who will remain on the top of the page forever. No new fees. $1,500 per page. Will be allowed up to 25 words.

The first person to email us and agree to sponsoring will lock in.
Then there are sub-sponsors which are located throughout the page.
They are allowed up to 7 - 10 words.
Ex: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe in Memory of Jeffrey Doe
Ex: Mr. & Mrs. John Smith in Thanksgiving for favors granted.
Ex: Mr. & Mrs. John Jane in Memory of all the unborn.
These are a $99 one time fee. Will be limited to 15 sub sponsors. Once again, the first 15 people to email us will get locked in.
God bless you and kindly PRAY for our fundraising efforts! :-)