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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is why.

The diligent reader will note I have a deep and abiding affection for the Society of Jesus.

Sometimes the things some Jesuits (jointly or severally) say/do/write cause me pain, and few souls get shot out of Purgatory. So it's all good.

Naturally, it's the Big Deal Jesuits who make headlines, usually in ways those in Purgatory look upon as a ticket out through my good offices in offering-it-upness. The president of the Important Jesuit University schedules "Polygamy Appreciation Day" or some theologian says Christ was in all probability some species of garden gnome and, oh, by the way, He wants the gutters of Wall Street to run red with the blood of the capitalist classes or a famous Jesuit writer opines that due to a likely typo, all mammals should be ordained.

That sort of stuff.

But the guys who do the real heavy lifting, the guys who sweat out the fate of the souls placed under their care, daily, get no notice. The guys who teach, and inspire, and preach and bring people to Christ get no airplay. They toil under the twin obstacles of a secular society that actively disdains all the Church teaches and a reputation that has been tarnished by the sorts of examples alluded above.

But they deserve our notice and our prayers. I'll give you a fresh example why.

As you should know by now, my oldest started his first year at a Jesuit school, my alma mater. (Whether what I am about to state is still commonplace in Jesuitland or an aberration, I know not.)

The first thing the incoming students are assigned, even before seats and lockers is a Spiritual Director "who is a Jesuit responsible for accompanying him in the development of his spiritual life. Cura Personalis is an aspect of Jesuit Education that refers to personal care and concern for each student."

The Spiritual Director takes this assignment VERY seriously. Which is good, because souls are serious things.

Every student is scheduled to meet with his SD 2-3 sessions a month. Usually 15-30 minutes, and a longer one (+/- 45 minutes) every couple of months. What went on at my son's latest session?

1- He was encouraged to offer up prayers and acts of reparation.
2- He was encouraged to pray for the Holy Father's intentions. (He came home with "papers" from the Apostleship of Prayer!)
3- He was encouraged to pray the Rosary and to find a Devotion. (Father suggested "The Miraculous Virgin Mary.")
4- He was asked to find a friend who doesn't go to Mass every Sunday or doesn't go to Confession regularly and ask him to go. ("You want to see your friends in Heaven, right?")
5- Father heard his Confession.

THAT is why I love them, and woe betide whosoever tries to besmirch them from within and without.