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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's News You Should Have Seen, But Haven't (11/15/12)

Obama 'Grand Bargain' More Gimmick Than Grand
The wide gap between GOP lawmakers and President Obama over what constitutes serious deficit reduction may be too much to overcome in time to avert the year-end fiscal cliff.

Stocks Slouch Further South; Obama Message Falls Flat
Stocks dug a deeper hole Wednesday, unable to find any encouragement from the Federal Reserve minutes, a presidential press conference or economic data. The NYSE composite lost 1.5%, the S&P 500 1.4% and the Nasdaq 1.3%. Small caps did even worse, with the Russell 2000 diving 2%. The IBD 50, a proxy for leading stocks, also fell 2%. Volume rose across ...

Stocks Tumble as Fiscal, Geopolitical Worries Mount
Stocks skidded deep into negative territory Wednesday amid worries about the fiscal cliff and rising tensions in the Middle East. The Dow closed at the lowest level since June.

Breaking Down Centi-Millionaire "Papa John" Schnatter's Obamacare Math
Grim facts about Greece's debt situation were revealed this week after an EU report was leaked to the public. Greece’s economic depression is in its fifth year and its debt-GDP ratio is projected to reach 190 percent next year. 

Euro Zone Slips Into Second Recession Since 2009
The euro zone fell into a recession in July-September, the second since the global financial crisis in 2009, as French resilience could not make up for a slump across Europe and the three-year debt crisis slowed Germany to a crawl.
The CIA chief was weakened by criticism of his role in the Libya crisis as the affair scandal unfolded.

Petraeus Mistress Had Substantial Classified Data

Print Baby Print, Japan’s Likely Next PM Tells Bank of Japan

Panetta Unaware of Any Others Involved

Obama Undecided on FBI's Petraeus Probe

Morning MarketBeat: Brace for More Turbulence

The president said he will push for a deal to resolve the year-end fiscal crisis by raising tax rates on upper-income Americans, while leaving enough wiggle room to suggest to Republicans that the two sides could still compromise.

Why Buying Bonds Could Be Riskier Than You Think

At Meeting With Executives, Some Push, Pull, Give

Video: Obama on the Fiscal Cliff, Bipartisan Cooperation

Live: Fiscal Cliff Stream

The euro-zone economy contracted in the third quarter despite modest gains in Germany and France, as rising unemployment and fiscal austerity across much of Europe deepened the Continent's economic malaise.

Live: Europe's Debt Crisis

The FHA is expected to report this week that the agency could exhaust its reserves because of rising mortgage delinquencies.


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