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Friday, November 16, 2012

Today's News You Should See But Haven't (11/16/12)

(I'll update these today as I can.)
Hostess Brands, the maker of treats such as Twinkies and traditional pantry staple Wonder Bread, is closing its plants and firing 18,000 employees after failing to reach a cost-cutting agreement with union workers.
Pessimism Abound: Bearish Sentiment Hits 2012 High Amid Fiscal Cliff Worries The stock market's post-election swoon has investors currently feeling more downbeat about the market now compared to any other point in time this year.
Israel's military assault on the Gaza Strip is complicating President Barack Obama's Middle East policies just days after his re-election.
Start building a defensive portfolio today.
Stocks edged lower as investors eyed the start of budget talks between White House and congressional leaders and continued tension in the Middle East
White House officials are said to be in advanced talks to replace the “sequester” with a package of smaller, more targeted spending cuts and tax increases, The Wall Street Journal reported.
How Hostess Failed: Unions
The hour-long session is not expected to yield much in the way of tangible results, but it could create a template for the coming weeks of negotiations.


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