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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Me and Pope Francis/Cdl. Bergoglio...sorta.

I'll tell you a story, since there's nothing good on the Internet right now.

Every morning, after the (usually) 8am Mass, I carve a few moments for Adoration. When I heard that Benedict XVI was retiring, I made it a point to bring his ministry to Adoration.

After a few days -- because I'm quick like that -- it dawned on me that I should also bring to Adoration the College of Cardinals who'd be huddling up... all Conclave-like to elect a successor.

In the process of doing so, for some reason it came into my mind after a few days (again...because I have reflexes like a lynx) while in Adoration, to pray something like this:

"Lord, ONLY IF SUCH A PONTIFICATE WOULD BE PLEASING TO YOU, please place Cdl. Bergoglio in the minds of the Cardinal Electors to ascend to the Chair of St. Peter."
Obviously, my regard for then-Cdl. Bergoglio was (and is) quite strong, as evidenced by the number of homilies, letters, etc. which I translated -- translating is kind of a pain in the [bad word] so that should be an indication of the esteem in which I hold our current Holy Father -- to say nothing of the other over ones to which I haven't yet gotten to, over the course of years and years.
No johnny-come-lately I.
But, so as not to get you too hopped up, God has not yet gotten into a pattern of granting me my requests exactly as I phrase them. (Dum spiro, spero.)

Still, I feel like the nerdy kid who hits a grand slam after many, many at-bats.


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