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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Impotence of Being Earnest

I know I'm s'posed to be working on this, as promised. But something came up and I wanted to catch it while it was fresh.

Earlier today, on Facebook, I posted the following:

"We're never going to win the struggle for the culture unless and until we're (also) more clever and wittier than The Other Side. Neverevereverever."

As the whole Supreme Court/Prop. 8 thing is playing out, some of my friends started changing their avatar to that pink-equal-sign-on-a-red-square. Those people who are not especially hip then start wondering "What IS up with that pink-equal-sign-on-a-red-square?" and thus the whole "fairness" thing goes viral, in a way.

So I changed mine to a Humpty Dumpty to underscore my point.

Some other, more stalwart friends of mine, started changing theirs to a pink-something-NOT-equal-sign-on-a-red-square with, of course, Scripture verses.

So here's the problem.

The pink-equal-sign-on-a-red-square crowd are making a VERY simple point (one with which I disagree) in a very direct way. They are getting their point across VERY effectively as witnessed by the massive shift in public opinion over the last, say, 10-15 years on this issue.

Responding with Holy Writ, while establishing our bona fides as True Believers does relatively little to convince the vast and squishy middle. So the argument becomes People Who Are Fair vs. People Who Go Around Spouting Bible Verses. Regardless how you feel about this, it's a colossal turnoff to anyone not already a committed Christian.

There. I said it.

People shut down and immediately Not Hear anything you have to say on the matter. There isn't anyone -- and I mean ANYONE -- who'll say "Oh, wait, St. Paul said that? I'm changing my mind, then." Rather than making a sharper point, to pique the curiosity of someone not fully bound to one argument or the other, to get them to see, in a pithy way, your point (i.e. We're redefining an institution millenniæ old because of people's feelings.) we simply assuage ourselves that hey, we're standing up for what's good and true.

That's as maybe, but it's not bringing anyone over to our side. If we want to win the struggle for the larger culture, we might want to fight like we intend to win.


  • At 11:00 AM, April 01, 2013 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Join in with Curt Jester's attempts to learn a new lingo:

    NOM have changed their ⚭ two-ring avatar to a three-ring "tent of shelter" with a child at the center IMHO a wise move: the tyranny of relativism will always swing to the center of gravity of the fallen majority of mankind unless we define a 'crux' of matter by ☘ triangulating on Truth, Beauty and Goodness that transcend the two "sides" of nihilism.
    Clare Krishan


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