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Saturday, October 05, 2013

My problem with Eeyore

This'll be a bit navel-gazey. Ya done been warned.

In my previous post I mentioned the Eeyores and Chicken Littles of the world and, within the context of one issue, how you can spot them.

But I didn't quite explain what my "deal" is with them.

Part of me wants to believe they are, at their core, sensible human being who will see reason and will be swayed by an airing of facts that is full, entire and unstinting. So, I try to do so. Only to be rebuffed by their recalcintrance and instransigence. Which leads me to think VERY uncharitable thoughts about their character or, more often, their cognitive skills or lack thereof. And then I get snarky with them.

(One benighted sod actually got offended by the term "morose" and said it was -- get this -- an epithet. True story. This guy was a piece of work, rhetoric-wise.)

I suppose many/most of them are swayed by the opinions of their opponents. If Opponent X is happy with the new widget report then widgets must be bad. (Never mind that Opponent X is delusional and a sniveling idiot.)

So I drop out of the argument.

I don't want to get snarky with anyone, especially people with whom I otherwise agree or outside of the point of disagreement find likeable. I don't want to think of them as allergic to facts and reason, I don't want to think of them as woefully, irredeemably unintelligent.

It puts me, psychologically, in a place I'd rather not be.


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