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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A verrrrrrry interesting thing...

"Pope Francis on Tuesday called on the world's political and business elite gathered in Davos to use their spirit of entrepreneurship to alleviate crushing global poverty."

He said: "Those who have demonstrated their aptitude for being innovative and for improving the lives of many people by their ingenuity and professional expertise can further contribute by putting their skills at the service of those who are still living in dire poverty."

He also called for "...the creation of sources of employment and an integral promotion of the poor which goes beyond a simple welfare mentality."

One thing to beware of, and I've alluded to in my translation is the use of the word "distribution" which we, in English associate with "RE-distribution." In Italian/Spanish that word carries more of a statistics meaning; think of "frequency distribution." The Pope is NOT calling for RE-distribution of anything (in fact, you will note he specifically wants to move past "welfare") and, you should further kindly note, he is also not asking business elite-types for money. He is asking them to use their business skills to help alleviate global poverty.