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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oh, great...ANOTHER one.

Another report from the Synod, this one from a Portuguese website -- purportedly an Official Portuguese Bishops site, a statement for which I cannot find the slightest confirmation -- regarding the Synod. In fact, I cannot find any information to determine if this news site is conservative, liberal, moderate or what.

I also don't know if all of those whom the Pope appointed are liberal. I know that some, yes, are liberal. But some are what I'd consider moderate.

The Usual Suspects have taken the occasion of the report to, um, Say The Usual, Deplorable, Things. Unlike the Usual Suspects stated, this piece SPECIFICALLY notes -- it may be incorrect, but, if so, it's curious the Usual Suspects would cite it -- that those elected were voted on after (or concurrent) with the Papal appointments and not (as the Usual Suspects declare) as some sort of Papal gambit to thwart the majority will of the Synod participants.


Here's another translation, as usual, mine.


Synod enters its final stage with atmosphere tense in Rome

The Pope surprised the participants of the synod by appointing six men close to him and seen as liberals, to help write the report of the synod.

11-10-2014 3:17 PM by Aura Miguel, in Rome

At the end of a week of clashes, where it has been patently [obvious] that there are two different approaches in relation to most controversial [literally, "polemical"] topics, such as the welcoming [literally "harboring" or "sheltering"] of homosexuals or [of] people in irregular unions, including access to the sacraments on their part.

The Pope, who never spoke but heard everything that has been said in the Synod Hall, appointed, [something] which nothing or nobody would have foreseen, six people to strengthen the commission that is to create the report of the synod. The Cardinal Erdo, of Budapest, is still the head of [this commission].

This fact is worrying those who advocate maintaining the current discipline of the Church in relation to these issues, since all persons appointed by the Pope are liberal in tendency, unlike Erdo.

In the meantime (Emphasis mine. -J.), the Synod fathers elected by secret ballot, the names of those responsible for language working groups that, over the next week, will discuss these issues more specifically [possibly "more specific issues;" this isn't clear].

Here, however, there has been a strengthening of the conservative position, with figures such as the Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Sarah, both highly regarded by conservative side, to be elected, as well as Cardinal Bagnasco. [I am unqualifiedly pleased by this. -J.]

Signs of the discussion is to continue and [may] even can intensify over the next week.


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