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Monday, March 02, 2015

Burning thoughts on the NYT & Dating

A recent survey's results on dating was picked up and flung broad all over the Internet over the weekend. The very abbreviated version is that "you should" (ahem) have sex on/by the 3.53rd date.

So I posted this on my FB page and a pal of mine acidly noted (and justifiably so) that this makes dating very difficult if one is the sort of person who likes to "save" oneself for some point after the 3.53rd date like, say, marriage. She added: "That's if they stay around long enough to have a conversation after they find out you're not in a hurry to sleep with anyone."

The problem my pal poses is analogous to that of "burning" in real estate.

Let's suppose you buy a house in a pretty nice area. Let us also suppose all the houses are roughly equivalent. Let us further suppose you take good care of your house so as to, in your mind, maximize its resale value, which we will pretend is $100,000.

What happens if other people in your neighborhood with very similar houses start listing THEIR houses for, oh-I-dunno, $50,000? They have an Open House, they broadcast their noticeably lower price, the whole deal. Who will look at your house? 's right. No-body. They may or may not buy the other house, but they will almost certainly not even consider yours, even if yours has a host of unique and desirable features.

And even if the other houses sell (and more quickly!) they sell for lower, and they could very well sell to a purchaser whose main interest was the lower barrier to purchase and who may not have the wherewithal for long term ownership.

That's where we are.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Not necessarily Lent-only.

Today's lesson is "Kosher Dill Pickles" which is the only pickle worth ingesting.
Start with a clean and sterilized, large (24oz) Mason jar.
12oz, by weight, of pickling or "Kirby" cucumbers.
Slice them on a mandolin. Even a cheap one will work.
I wanted this batch as thin as possible. You do whatever. (You can also slice into "planks" or cut into "spears" etc.)
Clear your prep surface regularly by shoving the slices into the jar as you go.
You'll need garlic. 4 cloves if you're Iberic, 3 if you're Italian. 2 if you're a normal person.
Slice the garlic as thinly as you can without getting fanatical about it.
Add 2 t dried dill. (Make sure it's a fresh jar.)
1 T Kosher salt. (Do NOT USE REGULAR TABLE SALT. Don't be a cheapskate, Kosher salt is, like, only a buck for a silo.)
You'll need plain white vinegar. (If you can find the kind with "cultures" so much the better.)
Ā¾ cup.
...and pour into the jar.
Top off with filtered, room-temperature water.
Shake furiously. Teenage boys you have offsprung may be conscripted for this purpose.
Put it in the corner, unlike Baby. 1-2 days to be "ready" about 3-4 to be ideal. (At which point I put them in the fridge.)
Note the color change. Pretty much ready, will improve with another couple of days, then on to the fridge. (If yours were sliced thicker, it may take an extra day across the board.)